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For us doesn't breeding only reproduce , but for us it means responsibility at the highest level.
We have a family breed. 
Because the Kuvasz as a family member is not a by-product of a quantity breeding, but a great new responsibility. It 's natural and inevitable to breed healthy and natural  kind dogs.
We want that people who have an "Észbontó" at home, have a reliable companion without much efforts . To realize that without ignoring the health and vitality of the dog, that's our job.

Our Litters

 Bor za-Parti "Örség" Sajó X  Észbontó Djuma
Born on : 15.06.2014

2 / 3

 Waquur vom Quecksilber X  Észbontó Djuma
Born on : 11.03.2012
7 / 7

 Filonillan Dragam Deri  X  Eysha-B. vom Drachenfels
Born on  : 04.07.2008
4 / 3

Nadasszégi Kacer  X  Eysha-Bizsu vom Drachenfels
Born on  : 21.06.2004
6 / 4


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