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  + 15.09.2013

87. International Dogshow in Luxemburg
27. September 2013

Észbontó Helia   :  Exc.1  -  CACL  -  CACIB  -  best bitch  -  BOB

Clubshow in Châlette-sur-Loing  -  20 July 2013

National Dogshow in Châlette-sur-Loing  -  21 July 2013

Confirmation Duke
Észbontó Duke has passsed his confirmation in Châlette on the NE.

July 2013

Hiking in the Eifel
On June 23, we had again a meeting in the Eifel in Germany. The meeting last year was nice, so we also went there this year.We went in the morning with our 5 dogs to the volcano park adventure center Terra Vulcania and walked there through the lapidea Sculpture Park, an art exhibition in the disused basalt quarries.


After the hike we went to the volcano brewery, where we ate lunch. Although it was a bit small in the restaurant, were all 14 dogs in a small space together peacefully. 

After lunch and a relaxed atmosphere then we went to the Laacher Lake. The weather was better then, even the sun came through and we were able to walk along the lake. A compliment to all the joggers, cyclists and walkers on the promenade. They were all very excited about our "lamb" who also behaved excellently.


Hopefully there is another hike next year. 

Confirmation Helia
Helia  has  passed the confirmaton in the rain on 26. Mai in Bar-le-Duc and made an excellent 1 and best youth.

Confirmation Hazel
Hazel  has  passed the confirmaton on13. Avril  in Maubeuge and made an excellent 1 and best youth.

First Birthday from our  H-Litter
Even the babys are big again. Congratulations to our H-litter, who celebrated its first birthday the 11. March. For this occasion, we're invited all owners from our H-Litter to the Int. Dogshow in Offenburg, because this show was relatively central to all parties. Finally, a total of five Észbontó's from the H-litter and three Észbontó's from the D-litter were at this show. Djuma and Waquur, mom and dad  from the H-litter could not be missing.

From left to right: Hogan, Hazel, Djuma, Waquur, Helia and Halona. Harriet(Jette) isn't on the picture.

It was a beautiful day and there was much to tell. It was great to see the now 1 years old young dogs again.
Litter has developed well.
Of course there were also other guests to our little birthdayparty.

From left to right:Wahid, Helia, Hazel, Djuma, Waquur, Zahia-Tamaris, Halona, Duna, Amazon, Hogan and Almos. Dragam isn't on this picture.